Isn’t it great that, with just an internet connection, you and I can learn, just about anything, for free?

What an amazing age we live in!

Sure, there might be a few inaccuracies and misinformation out there that you’ve got to navigate. And quite a bit of repetition as you progress from Beginner, to Intermediate to Expert.

But all things considered, it’s all at your fingertips.

If you’re short on time though (and seems we are all short on time these days), we have less tolerance for wasting our time looking for those golden nuggets of information among the gravel, right?

That’s where video courses are superior:

  • Video courses are linear. They take you from beginner to advanced in one smooth process
  • They don’t make assumptions about what you already know and what you don’t. They just focus on what you need to know next
  • They dive deep into the specifics. They tell you “why”. They provide examples. They give you actions to take. That’s how you truly learn
  • They speak your language. They don’t use the jargon that experts use. They are easy to understand
  • They help you take action. They tell you exactly what to do next so you make concrete progress
  • They save you time. They don’t repeat steps, they take you through from step to step in sequence

That’s why I’ve come up with several ideas for video courses.

The first one is ready to go. Here it is:

Suffering from email overload? How to get to “inbox zero” in a week