About Me

Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale.

Now is the time to invest in improving and strengthening your business. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today.

Clients I’ve Helped Recently

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  • A law firm (7 staff) who wanted to embrace the latest marketing techniques to increase demand for their services by telling their story in a unique, persuasive way
  • A trust manager who wanted to increase the impact into the community using funds they distribute by overhauling the trusts marketing, advertising and communication with stakeholders
  • A newly appointed General Manager of a team of 6 educators (and a network of 15 tutors) who needed all marketing and advertising updated with the latest techniques but with a focus on ROI
  • A small business (5 staff) in 2 locations who wanted to overhaul their marketing to increase revenue, grow their team, and help more children to overcome learning difficulties
  • A business man (3 staff + contractors) who wanted to triple his revenue by automating and streamlining his sales process with the goal to eventually exit via a Trade Sale
  • An airport shuttle driver who wanted to start his own business (he now has 3 vans and a website that is virtually a cash machine)
  • An manager of a small team (of 4) who wanted to automate and streamline the marketing for his correspondence course (he now has a marketing/advertising formula that generates $28.76 in profit for every $1 he puts in)
  • An accountant (6 staff) who wanted to run seminars to get more clients
  • A hardwood floor refinishing franchise (husband-and-wife team) that wanted to grow nationally
  • A business analyst at a bank who wanted to quit and start his own home-based marketing business
  • A nursing recruiter who wanted to use online search advertising (Google Adwords) to attract nurses to Wellington from the UK
  • A drug testing service who wanted cold calling strategies to sell his services to large employers
  • A shoe repair shop owner (4 staff) who wanted content for email newsletters that brought customers in the next day
  • An aerial photographer who wanted to test market demand for his service and develop his selling and networking skills
  • The CEO of a non-profit (10 staff + 20 volunteers) working with people with disabilities who wanted growth strategies for 4 commercial business units

I can help you if you are in one of the following types of businesses:

  1. Do you have a small business (you + a few employees)?
    • If so, I can probably help:
    • If you are deeply passionate about your business, let’s talk.
    • If you are a bit bored of it and just want someone to fix it, don’t bother.
  2. Do you have a medium sized business (you + 5 to 20 employees)?
    • If so, I can definitely help. This is my niche, where I can make the most impact and add the most value
    • Already have a marketing manager? Great! A little outside input and a fresh perspective is all you need, let’s talk
    • Don’t have a full-time marketing manager? That’s fine, you’ll be getting input from a variety of people already, but it may be time to review your marketing to date, set some new goals and prioritise the next steps. Sound good? Let’s talk
  3. Do you have a larger business (you and 20+ employees)?
    • If so, I might be able to help – call me and we can talk about your project

If I can’t help you, then I probably know someone that can:

I’ve put in a huge effort to connect with 100’s and 1000’s of business people in Tauranga (and other cities) over the last 2 years.

The result is that I’ve met 100’s of people, both local and based in other cities, that I have come to know and trust.

If your business needs something that I can’t provide you with, then I probably know someone who can help you.

You may be wondering “Is Sheldon qualified to help me with my business?”

Yes, I think so. For 6 reasons:

  1. To start with, I’m a darn good listener
    • I’ll ask you probing questions to get to the heart of what you want to achieve
    • God gave me 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, I’m here to hear twice as much as I talk
  2. Secondly, I cut-the-crap and get to the point
    • Once I understand what you need, if I can’t help, I’ll tell you. And I’ll probably be able to refer you on to someone who can help
    • If I think I can help, then great!
  3. Third, I have been living and breathing marketing since 2002. I just love it!
    • It started with 4 years at Waikato University where I completed a Bachelor of Electronic Commerce with 1st class honours, majoring in Marketing and Communications
    • For 9 months I worked for a web design company here in Tauranga
    • For 3 years I worked as a Marketing Executive for a group of companies here in Tauranga
    • And since then I’m a Marketing Consultant and Small/Medium Business Coach, ready and willing to work with you on your business
    • Marketing Campaign Strategies – I’ve helped develop 42 marketing campaign strategies
    • Advertising Mediums – I’ve had experience with just about every marketing and advertising medium you can think of (Related Article: 60 ways to advertise your business)
    • Websites – I’ve built 24 websites from the ground up (websites are one of my favourite advertising mediums). (Related Article: How to build a website that wins you business)
  4. Fourth, I love business, and I’d love to hear about yours
    • I’ve interviewed 243 people about their businesses, and I’ve added value where I can
    • Businesses are glorious, complex puzzles that I love to understand and improve
  5. Fifth, I love to learn
    • I read a lot of business books: On average I’ve read about 1 every week since August 2008 (read summaries of my favourite business books). For a few dollars I get to reach into the minds of the greatest business people and steal their ideas, what a privilege!
    • I’ve invested $50,000 in my brain through tertiary education:
      • MBA: Masters in Business Administration (2011, Waikato University)
      • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (2009, Waikato University)
      • Bachelor of Electronic Commerce – Majoring in Marketing and Communications, 1st Class Honours (2006, Waikato University)
    • And I’d love to learn how your business works and what challenges you are facing. I’d like to help
  6. Sixth, I’ve been involved with a number of non-profit committees to provide support and to build up my governance experience

Current position:

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