How Are You Going To Change Your World in 2012?

Notice how I said “your world” rather than “the world”.

Can one person change the world?

Well, I do think one person can change 10 people.

And those people can change 10 people each.

And so on.

And perhaps, in that fashion, you can change the world.

But I’m talking about “your world”.

Your world could be:

  1. Your country
  2. Your city
  3. People with an interest in common to you
  4. Your network
  5. Your family, your friends
  6. You

I’m confident you can change #6, and by starting there, you can change all the others.

What Are The 4 Things You Need Before You Can Change Your World?

  1. You just need to find you are passionate about (passion keeps you going when everyone else quits)
  2. Find people equally passionate about it and get them to help you (doing it yourself can work too)
  3. Take the action you need to (taking action moves good ideas into great ideas)
  4. Never give up. Let nothing stand in your way.

How Can We Change The City of Tauranga Together in 2012?

I’m passionate about:

And in the last 6 months I have met dozens of people that are passionate about these same things!

But until now, no one person has held all the piece of the puzzle at once.

So in 2012 I’m going to bring all these people and elements together somehow…

Some initial ideas:

  1. Run a Tauranga version of Start-Up Weekend (perhaps twice)
  2. Be a mentor at “The Idea Shed” (high school students)
  3. Help create a Business Incubator in Tauranga
  4. And help these entrepreneurs from these 3 sources to either:
    • bootstrap their business (get it going with zero capital)
    • or help them pitch their ideas to local investors

Keen to help?

Then let’s talk: Phone (07) 575 8799.

Game-based Marketing by Gabe Zichermann

My notes on “Game-based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges and Contests” by Gabe Zichermann & Joselin Linder.51yFzzNljwL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_

Games are all around us

  • “The Subway Game” is passive – most people don’t realise there is a game on, the players stand close to the train doors, block other players with their body language and compete for a seat. Breaking the rules using aggression is not allowed.
  • Variations: The Bar Game – get to the bar and order drinks for your friends the fastest. The Supermarket Game – identify which queue is likely to move the quickest
  • They are big business. Games such as Frequent Flier Miles earn more revenue for airlines than flying people around

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