What If You Could Write Faster, Read Faster, Listen Faster, Watch Faster, and Think Faster?

Please don’t abuse the knowledge I’m about to bestow on you.

I don’t want to increase your stress levels.

I don’t want you to cram more in to your life just because you can.

Sometimes it’s important to slow down instead of speed up.

  • Slow down when you are spending time with your family.
  • Slow down when you’re enjoying a sunset or a sunrise.
  • Slow down when you are making an important decision, or pondering the meaning of life.

That said, the benefits of doing things faster are many.

For me, I’ve found that doing things faster is a real time saver.

  • I can put more of the things I enjoy into every day.
  • I can get the boring but necessary bits out of the way faster.
  • I can work through my to-do list faster to make more time for breaks and fun.

So here’s my list of 5 ways to do things faster. Continue reading “What If You Could Write Faster, Read Faster, Listen Faster, Watch Faster, and Think Faster?”

Need To Motivate Someone To Take Action? Will You Email, Phone, or Meet Them Face-to-Face?

Have you noticed that there are only 2 ways to get things done in this world?

There Are Only 2 Ways To Get Things Done

  1. Do it yourself
    • But you have just 24 hours in a day just like everyone else, it’s hard to leverage your time
  2. Get someone to do it for you
    • You might be asking them to buy something from you
    • You might be asking them for help on something small/big
    • You might be asking them to make a small/big change to their normal behaviour, the way they normally do things

Imagine if you could motivate 10 people to do 10 hours of work for you everyday? That’s 100 hours of productivity every day.

So how do you motivate someone?

Money works. Sometimes.

But I think the biggest motivator is attention.

Could Attention Be The Biggest Motivator?

Attention is the new currency of the world.

Actually, this hasn’t changed from when you were 1 year old.

You craved attention then, you crave attention now.

For you, attention could be:

  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Respect for your skills and knowledge
  • The knowledge that people hold you in high esteem
  • Someone wondering how you are
  • Getting lots of emails from people who need your advice or decision making skill

It’s the same for the people you are trying to motivate to get something done for you.

You have 3 primary ways to make your request:

pleading-duckling1. Email: The Lowest Persuasion Power

  • Most people get lots of email so it’s easy to miss your super important message. Or easy to ignore it and leave it for later. Or easy to say they didn’t get a chance to get around to it
  • Even though some emails can take a lot of effort to write, then they are received they feel cheap
  • You can’t help but wonder if part of the message (or the whole thing) was copy/pasted from emails to other people, or sent in bulk with your name automatically swapped out
  • If you want to get someone to take action via email you have to pack in high value and answer the question “What’s in it for me if I take action on this right now?”

pleading-puppy2. Phone Call: Medium Persuasion Power

  • When you ask for what you want in a phone call, the other person has to make a choice: Yes or No.
  • It’s hard to say no straight away because it sounds rude.
  • And it’s hard to say “I’ll think about it and get back to you”
  • You’ve got their attention while they are on the phone with you so that counts for a lot
  • But there could be a few distractions going on in front of them. You are only providing audio but the human brain crazes the visual so we are open to a myriad of distractions

pleading-otter3. Face-to-Face: Highest Persuasion Power

  • There is something about the 2 of you being in the same place, at the same time, that is special
  • You and they could have been anywhere in the world, but instead you have both chosen to share a few precious moments together one-on-one
  • When another person is across the table from you it is human nature to want to help them with whatever they need

Which Method Will You Choose?

The next time you are about to email someone to ask them for something, wonder to yourself “would a phonecall be more persuasive?”.

And then wonder to yourself “would a face-to-face meeting be even better?”.

Your Thoughts?

Have your say in the comments below.

How I Added An Extra Hour To Every Day, And How You Can Too

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an extra hour every day?

What would you do with that extra time?

A few years back I used to get up at 5.30am every morning (even weekends) to read business books for 90 minutes before I started to get ready for work.

I got through 1.5 books a week that way. Here are the summaries of my favourite 81 business books.

But then I had my first kid. And then another. And then another.


And the best I could do was get up at 7am. And even then I was bleary eyed and grumpy.

I’ve only been able to get back into that pattern for brief periods of time. (That sweet spot when all the kids are not sick and none of them walk into our room in the middle of the night).

But I think I might have just cracked the recipe.

Even with 1 sick kid who wakes us up a few times every night this week, my eyes have popped open at 5.00am or 5.30am and I’m feeling good! I’ve been able to start reading business books again with consistency.

It’s been 6 mornings in a row now.

Want to know how I’ve been able to add an extra hour to every morning?

The secret is M&M’s.


Yes, those delicious candy coated chocolate treats.

But I don’t mean adding them to my mouth. Removing them.

For about 3 months, every night I’d turn on a movie or a TV show and munch through half a bag.

Every night.

And then, one of those movies that I watched was called “That Sugar Film”.


I have a pretty good awareness of the high level of sugar in foods and I eat pretty healthy so I thought I deserved half a packet of M&M’s every night.

(In fact, I ate M&M’s all the way through the first half of the movie).

I didn’t think there was any harm.

But the movie made me wonder if I was actually addicted to M&M’s.

The way to test that is to break the habit, so the next night I didn’t eat any M&M’s.

It was hard! It was all I could think about!

And the next morning I woke happy at 5.30am and started reading a business book.


The next day and night the cravings were intense, but I refused to give in to them.

And the next morning, I woke at 5.30am and read some more.

That’s when I started to wonder if abstaining from M&M’s in the evenings was related to me waking up so early and easily.

Now it’s been 6 mornings in a row and I’m convinced.

I think that either the food colouring, or the sugar in the shell or chocolate was sending me on a sugar high and sugar low while I slept!

As my body worked hard to pump insulin around my system all night, I woke up feeling tired still and not knowing why.

No sugar at night, and now my sleep is restoring and rejuvenating my body and mind.

And on 3 of those nights our sick middle child has woken us 2 – 4 times a night, and still I wake at 5.30am feeling good.


So if you’re as addicted to sugar as I am/was, try this experiment: Do without it for 7 days and try to be aware of how you feel.

Check-in with yourself on judging your energy levels in the morning, during the day, and at night.


And if breaking your habit works for you like it worked for me, what are you going to do with the extra hour you’ve now got every day?