Old News is Bad News – Is The “Latest News” On Your Website Ancient?

Have you ever heard this from a web developer?

  1. “You need a news page so you can keep your content fresh.  Google and users love fresh content!”
  2. “You need a blog, because Google loves blogs and you’ll look professional to users too!”
  3. “You need to get on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In, because social media is hot right now!”

Think twice before you give your web developer the green light to build these modules for you.

Because they can make you look bad, and damage your brand

Why having a news page, blog, and Twitter/Facebook/Linked-In profiles can make you look bad:

  1. You’ll never get around to updating them, because you’re too busy running your business
  2. The older your latest news/blog post gets, the more it looks like your website has been abandoned
  3. The older your latest Twitter message or Facebook update or Linked-In update gets, the more it looks like you don’t care
  4. If you look careless with your news, visitors will suspect that your other content is equally out of date

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. When I see the 2007 date I immediately lose confidence in the brand.  Is it the same for you?