Pay What You Want

You’ve heard about the restaurants in Auckland where you can pay whatever you feel is right for your meal after you’ve eaten it?

Well how about paying what you want for a night for two in a deluxe suite? It’s only US$19 a night… bed not included.

That’s in San Diego’s at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

The full pricelist:

logontopDeluxe accommodation with breakfast for two for US$219 per night.

  • $199 without breakfast
  • $179 without honor bar
  • $159 without A/C or heat
  • $139 without pillows
  • $109 without sheets
  • $89 without lights
  • $59 without linens
  • $39 without toiletries
  • $19 without bed

How can this help your business?

Can you drum up some free media air time by doing something crazy with your pricing?

Can you change your pricing to appeal to the rich and the poor at the same time?

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