Accepting Credit Card Payments Online – List of NZ Providers

  • Do you want to sell your products online?
  • Do you want to be able to accept credit card payments?
  • Want to avoid spending the big bucks on getting your website redesigned with ecommerce functionality?
  • Just want to provide a simple “Buy Now” button for your customers?

If so, you’re in luck, because today I have been researching all the different credit card transaction processing companies in NZ for a client, and thought you might like to know what I’ve found.

1. PayPal

Internationally recognised, always updating and improving their code and security. Polished.

But: You have to withdraw funds from your PayPal bank account manually, and they reserve the right to charge a fee to send it to a non-US bank account (they don’t tell you what the fee will be).


  • Setup: Free
  • Monthly Fee: Free
  • Transaction Fees: 3.4% + $0.45 (Eg $500.00 x 0.034 + 0.45 = $17.45)

2. Paymate

Australian based with a decent NZ presence. I’ve been using them for 3 years. Pretty basic, but good.

Bonus: The funds are deposited straight into your bank account.


  • Setup: Free
  • Monthly Fee: Free
  • Transaction Fees: 3.0% + $0.50 (Eg $500.00 x 0.03 + 0.50 = $15.50)

3. Payment Express

NZ standard for online Credit Card processing. Website a little hard to understand. (Formerly called “DPS – Direct Payment Solutions”)


  • Setup: $150.00
  • Monthly Fee: $ 50/month
  • Transaction Fees: 100 free transactions a month

4. Eway

Polished website.  Very good price.


  • Setup: Free (subject to change, but it probably won’t)
  • Monthly Fee: $25/month
  • Transaction Fees: $0.40 per transaction
  • Bonus Offer: Put their logo on your websites home page for a $100 credit (subject to change, but it probably won’t)

5. Paystation

Looks ok.  Lowest monthly cost.


  • Setup: $200.00
  • Monthly Fee: $15/month minimum
  • Transaction Fees: $0.10 per transaction

6. Super Secure

Crap website put me off completely.


  • Unknown. I didn’t stay long enough to find out.

7. Flow2Cash

  • Looks decent. Good list of clients give me confidence
  • Fees: 3.95% + $0.45 per transaction

8. Paymex

  • Fees: 3.25% + $0.55 per transaction
  • It’s a bit of a worry that their link to their FAQ page is dead. If they make errors like that on their website, will they be careful with our money?

9. Eftpos New Zealand Limited

No pricing on their website. That is so lame. No, I won’t call your friendly customer service team.

10. NZ Banks: Eg ASB

As far as I can tell, they need you to sign up with a payment gateway anyway so I don’t see why anyone would want to use a NZ bank for their ecommerce…

Have you used any of these companies? Tell your story.

28 Replies to “Accepting Credit Card Payments Online – List of NZ Providers”

  1. So how hard is it to set up these payment systems on an existing site? And can I set it up in OS Commerce? At the moment I only accept cheque, money order and direct payment to a bank account on my site because I can’t get my head around setting the system up.

    1. I’ve been using paypal to take payments for event tickets and it’s really easy to set up. Also, no monthly fee and seems to be the cheapest option on % that they take as well. Depends on what you want to use it for really.

  2. Paymate.. DO NOT GO NEAR THEM.

    Signed up for their free account, had the 1st customer pay by their system to then be told that we needed to pay a security deposit of more than double the amount deposited to be able to continue to use the account and have the funds already deposited paid to us.


  3. Interesting reading, thanks! I found one called Paymex which looks very appealing. I instantly perceived it to be a more reputable site than others I looked at. No joining fees, no withdrawl fees and 3.25% + .55c per transaction.

  4. i joined swipe hq they seem ok but there bankers a twits tried to say the website i own wasnt mine even when i showed proof via bank statements swipe seems the cheapest by far i spent hours dealing with the bullshit dished up by there bank .if the aprove i prob will tell them to get stuffed swipe will not revel who the bank is

  5. Good to find a summary of sites here, most of which I’ve already discovered. You haven’t mentioned which a friend uses and recommends. No set up fees, no monthly fees and max 3.9% per transaction – it says depending on volume so I don’t know if that means you might pay less % if you have lower volumes?

  6. up date
    swipe hq wat a bunch of incompetent people running that out fit many times i had to prove to them and the bank i own our web site they still couldn’t mentally comprehend the fact i own it there bank is the BNZ the bankers seem to think they own you and your money , i wouldnt go near swipe hq and BNZ

  7. Beware of PayPal – they have many class action lawsuits filed against them in the U.S. because of unscrupulous/illegal business practices. If you do use them, make sure you sweep your money out of their system as quickly as you possibly can, otherwise you may never receive it.

        1. We have just recently set up and have joined paypal. In testing I found as a customer it was not a smooth experience – it reinforced previous experiences that from a customer’s perspective it is not easy to transact. Am looking at alternatives so the summary above is very useful.

  8. I too have found Swipe to be completely incompetent. Despite taking my merchant set-up fee they have continued to fail to set up my facility. The communication is poor and their latest excuse is declined by our banking and verification team as they considered it to be of high risk category. Brilliant when we are in the business of checking vehicles for stolen/damaged issues.

    1. Similar experience here. Swipe was very eager to get me to sign up, and quick to reply to every inquiry before I paid up. But as soon as I paid the fee for the merchant account, suddenly no one at Swipe will respond to any of my communications. It has been several months since they’ve taken my money, their system doesn’t work as promised, they won’t talk to me, and ignored my refund request. Describing SwipeHQ as incompetent is an understatement – they are con artists.

  9. Smartpay offers Smartgate online payments for $25 per month if you are an existing EFTPOS terminal lease customer with us + 200 free transactions and no fixed contract term.

    We can also offer UPOP acceptance which is a real bonus if you have Asian customers (Unionpay card online payments).

  10. Have been trundling along using paypal for years, but all of a sudden they have advised that if I don’t provide a bunch of confidential company info, letter heads etc, then they will lock my account and keep any money in it.

    With this happening, did some searching, and it seems they do this in isolated cases, for no apparent reason.

    So I am looking for a new credit card processing company.


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