Real Estate Agents Are Annoying But They Sure Know How to Network

Do you get business cards or flyers in your letterbox from Real Estate Agents in your area?

I’m sure you do. Everyone does.

(I’d put a “No Circulars” sign on our letterbox but my wife loves to sift through the junk mail for a bargain).

One of the most common is the postcard with a photo of a house in your neighbourhood with “Just SOLD” emblazoned over the top.

Our local Real Estate agent is a bit different (be sure to tell me below in the comments if she’s not the only one).  She sends us all a personalised newsletter every few weeks.  And over the last few months she has been keeping us all up to date with the story of how she has been fighting with the council to make the intersection just down the road safer for pedestrians.  A worthy cause.

And yesterday, in her latest letter, she told us how she had won the battle and now there were 2 new pedestrian crossings going in this week instead of the planned 1. All thanks to her.

I thought that was pretty neat, so I sent her the following email:

Hi ****

Just wanted to say, thanks for pushing for the dual pedestrian crossings for our community. You’re a gem.

(And before you ask, no I don’t want to sell my house :P)



And her reply:

Thanks for your email and promise not to ask if you want to sell your home, isn’t it a neat community to live in?  Just remember me if you do.
Property Consultant

She just couldn’t resist!

Wow. I admire their persistence. I admire their networking skills. I admire how they don’t let an opportunity slip by.

But omg they are annoying.

What do you think?  What cunning advertising have you seen a real estate agent use?

4 Replies to “Real Estate Agents Are Annoying But They Sure Know How to Network”

  1. The best one we ever got from a real estate agent was a fire escape plan. It was a piece of paper with the agent’s photo and contact details on it, and a large empty box in the middle where you draw the escape plan for your house. It said “draw your escape plan here”.

    A blank piece of paper would have served exactly the same purpose.

    As you say, gotta give them an A+ for effort.

  2. We have a No Circulars sign, and still get real estate junk. I think they feel they’re above it. It could also be that we live in one of those areas that everyone wants to buy in. Gotta admire their tenacity, I guess…

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