Bed and Breakfast Marketing – Ideas for Marketing Your New Zealand B&B

A client of mine runs a Bed and Breakfast in Papamoa.  I built the website for her in June 2009, and we’ve been disappointed with the web traffic to date so she asked me look into Bed and Breakfast Marketing for her.

Do you need help with the marketing and advertising of your Bed and Breakfast too?

If so, this to-do list of 11 B&B marketing ideas may help you too:

  1. Read the marketing chapters in all of these books (most are available in your local library for free):
    1. The complete idiot’s guide to running a bed and breakfast / by Park Davis and Susannah Craig
    2. The business of bed and breakfast / by Sharron Dickman and Mary Maddock
    3. Getting into bed & breakfast in New Zealand / by Stewart Whyte
    4. Open your own Bed & Breakfast / by Barbara Notarius
    5. Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies / by Mary White
  2. What makes you unique? Is there something truly remarkable about your B&B that is newsworthy that will get free publicity?
  3. What other Bed and Breakfast‘s around the country do you think are 1st class? Can you contact the owners, befriend them, and ask them for marketing advice? What works well for them?
  4. Can you ask past guests to suggest which of their friends you can contact directly and offer a discount too (only $10/$20 off)?
  5. What national and international Bed and Breakfast directories are there online? What free ones can we get listed on today?
  6. What are the biggest Bed and Breakfast blogs (freelance journalists) online? Could you offer a free night to them in exchange for a review?
  7. What are the biggest B&B forums online? Can you contribute to the conversation and provide a link back to your website?
  8. Are there NZ tourism websites that will provide a link to your website?
  9. What Bed and Breakfast Magazines are there around the world? What are their costs?
  10. What Bed and Breakfast Guidebooks are out there? What does it take to get listed? Which ones will provide you with a review for a free or discounted stay?
  11. What is the cost of Rack Cards and Brochure stands at Tourism Info Centres in NZ?

Do you have more ideas? Add them to the comments below.

6 Replies to “Bed and Breakfast Marketing – Ideas for Marketing Your New Zealand B&B”

  1. What about email marketing? Sending specials and coupons to previous clients to either to use themselves or to pass onto friends by bulk email.

  2. the website is too busy!! simplify!!! pictures first text second!! its a beautiful place dont ruin it with so much copy!

  3. Hi
    Does anyone have an idea I can market a home to use as a potential bed and breakfast opportunity
    Our home in Hanmer Springs was Built for that purpose, however we never used it as we have a large family and it’s been a holiday home.
    Im keen to market this as an opportunity and I am not sure where to start.

    Thanks for any suggestions

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