What? You’re Still Not Text Message Marketing To Your Customers? No Excuse, Because Now It’s Free From Vodafone’s Website

In a moment I’ll tell you how to start Mobile Marketing (with txt msg’s) to your customers from Vodafone for free, but first…

In my opinion, not enough businesses use Text Messaging (SMS or Txt Msg) to communicate with their customers.

  • Do you get txt reminders from your mechanic when your WOF or your next car service is due?
  • Do you get txt reminders from your dentist or hairdresser or physio reminding you of your appointment?
  • Do you get txt notification when your library books are due the next day?

Sure, there are email notifications, but nothing gets your attention like a text message alert.

And sure, some of these business are set up with SMS systems, but not all of them. Why not?

Q: “Is an SMS system expensive?”

A: No.

Vodafone offers the ability to send SMS from the vodafone website (they call it Web2Txt). You just pay 20c for your text messages (no monthly fees, no other fees).  The only catch is that you can’t use txt bundles such as “200 free txt’s a month”.  There are no special deals, it’s just 20c per message.

(There is also a free way, that I will tell you about very soon)

More about Vodafones Web 2 Txt Service for Personal and Business Use

Q: “Is an SMS system easier to use than punching the message into my phone?”

A: Yes.

It takes me ages to punch a message into my phone using the keypad and one thumb, but I can type at 90 words a minute so Web2Txt lets me use my computer keyboard to write messages (and use copy and paste for sending multiple messages).

Q: “Is it true that my text messages will get piped directly into my customer’s brain?”

A: Yes.  Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s easy to mute the TV during the ads.
  2. It’s easy to switch radio stations during the ads.
  3. It’s easy to delete an email newsletter before you read it.
  4. It’s easy to throw the junk mail into the bin before you read it.
  5. But you cannot ignore a txt message beeping and vibrating in your pocket. It will get read. It gives you a chance.

Q: “Can I use Web2Txt for FREE?”

A: Yes.

You can send up to 20 Web2Txt messages a day – FOR FREE.

Go to www.vodafone.co.nz/free2txt/ to find out how.

There are 3 catches:

  1. It’s only free if the person you are sending to is on Vodafone too
  2. Vodafone will add a short advertisement to the end of your message (at the moment it’s about the Vodafone warriors)
  3. This is the 8th month of the Beta version of this Free2Txt system, so there maybe a few bugs

Because of the advertisement on the end of the message, it is not advisable to use this service to txt your customers if you are a business. You’ll look like a cheap-ass.

Q: “What should I do next?”

A: If you haven’t already, start collecting mobile phone numbers of your customers.

  1. Ask them for permission to send the occasional special offer
  2. When you have something special to say to them, for 20c each you can send your marketing messages directly into their brains.
  3. Don’t SPAM them. Only tell them things that they will find very interesting or very useful (like the examples at the top of the page). Because it is hard to unsubscribe for txt msg’s, you can get into real trouble if you’re annoying.

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4 Replies to “What? You’re Still Not Text Message Marketing To Your Customers? No Excuse, Because Now It’s Free From Vodafone’s Website”

  1. Great article, and it is good to that hear carriers are enabling companies to take advantage of this new frontier of mobile marketing. At Globaltel Media we’ve tailored an SMS solution that enables companies to provide such services as mobile coupons, and location based specials. With the rich media content abilities, customers can now even receive product reviews and video product demonstration, right on their mobile phone.

  2. Interesting article, but is limited to Vodafone, which does not really help businesses, who can’t dictate to their customers to change their provider. Also, a txt alone does not “book” a persons time either, where professional people let their Outlook Calendars schedule their day. We operate a TXT, Email, Calendar reminder system, which is available for businesses, or free for home use. (That is free to join and free for TXT’s). It is based in NZ, and utilises business grade TXT Gateways. However, we are having trouble marketing this system, and need help. You can see this at http://www.alert-me.co.nz Can you advise/help or provide assistance ?

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