Viral Video – How Do You Create a Viral Video For Your Business?

Have you wondered how to create a YouTube video that “goes viral” and creates a torrent of new clients for your business?

Here are 3 essential components for a viral video that can generate business for you:

  1. It must be entertaining/hilarious/amazing
  2. It must have a business objective, a reason for being
  3. A mechanism so that people can connect with you and become a customer

Here are 2 videos that have fulfilled those 3 requirements:

1. “Mattress Dominoes World Record Attempt” (Bensons for Beds, UK)

What we can learn from this video

  1. You don’t have to push your agenda/brand (interested people will seek you out), put the focus on the entertainment value – in this case a World Record Attempt
  2. Leave clues to who you are
    • Sign up for a new YouTube account using your brand name
    • Be very subtle with your branding – in this case, the door of the truck had everything prospective clients needed

2. “Printing’s Alive” (Pazazz Printing, USA)

What we can learn from this video

  1. Be passionate about who you are and what you do. It’s infectious. People are envious of passionate people, because their own lives are mostly dull
  2. Tell a story

What other examples of corporate viral videos have you seen? Provide links to them in the comments below.

May I help you work on some viral video ideas for your business?

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Sheldon Nesdale.

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  1. That is certainly one way to do it – publish a link to it on every social network you can get your hands on. Hopefully amongst that “first wave” of watchers are some “sneezers” (as Seth Godin calls them), that will spread the virus.

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