How I Completely Redeveloped an Education Brands Marketing to Increase Enrolment and Drive Down Student Acquisition Cost

The Story

The client was offering a high quality education product but didn’t have the resources in-house to market and package it well.

Problem areas identified included:

  • A single webpage about the product hosted on an unrelated website
  • Confusing brand name, logo, and other imagery
  • Poorly formated promotional material
  • Unattractive, hard-to-navigate, error-ridden intranet for enrolled students
  • Poorly performing advertising

Steps I took to fix these problem areas:

  1. Constructed a business and marketing plan by answering questions such as:
    • Who is the target market?
    • What do they want?
    • What do we have to offer them?
    • Why would they choose us over a competitor?
    • What questions do they want answered before they will committ?
    • What kinds of advertising would reach them?
  2. Renamed the product with a simple, descriptive name
  3. Created logo
  4. Built an independent website for the product and optimised it for search engines (and later, redeveloped the student intranet)
  5. Wrote completely fresh content for the website with a focus on the target market: prospective students
  6. Wrote a long copy print advertisement (200 words)
  7. Tested several variations of the print advertisement over a 6 month period to determine the best headline, body copy, and call to action
  8. Tested various advertising mediums such as radio, daily newspapers, community newspapers, internet advertising (google adwords)
  9. Measured the response. Made incremental improvements.

The Results

150% increase in Enrolments over time:

78% Decrease in Cost Per Enquiry over time:

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