Tauranga Website Design: List of ALL The Tauranga Website Designers

I heard a rumour that Tauranga has a disproportionately high number of web designers.

It turns out that this rumour may be true.

List of ALL Tauranga Website Designers

  1. www.Firstbyte.co.nz
    [Portfolio | Pricing]
  2. www.GoodWebsites.co.nz
  3. www.WebsiteResults.co.nz
  4. www.Totali.co.nz
  5. www.Cohesion.co.nz
  6. www.ReserveGroup.co.nz
  7. www.BoldHorizon.co.nz
  8. www.CucumberSoftware.com
  9. www.IconAdvertising.co.nz
  10. www.Xeno.co.nz
  11. www.Markos.co.nz
  12. www.InboxDesign.co.nz
  13. www.VoltMedia.co.nz
  14. www.Moca.co.nz
  15. www.Reverb.co.nz
  16. www.aDesignWeb.co.nz
  17. www.DigitalEffects.co.nz
  18. www.e-Koncept.co.nz
  19. www.Enform.co.nz
  20. www.iLook.co.nz
  21. www.1stWeb.co.nz
  22. www.TaurangaWeb.co.nz
  23. www.DataDog.co.nz
  24. www.rbWebWorks.com
  25. www.Pixelar.co.nz
  26. www.MediaInteractive.co.nz
  27. www.Martian.co.nz
  28. www.WickedEye.co.nz
  29. www.GoldFishInteractive.co.nz
  30. www.StudioFour.co.nz
  31. www.Spotya.co.nz
  32. www.WakaDigital.co.nz
  33. www.2Qik.co.nz
  34. www.i360.co.nz
  35. www.xsv.co.nz
  36. www.WebDesignPeople.net
  37. www.SmartRange.co.nz
  38. www.WaveDesign.co.nz
  39. www.WoodsCreative.co.nz
  40. www.Sparx.co.nz
  41. www.DesignJuice.co.nz
  42. www.SellNet.co.nz
  43. www.itMatrix.co.nz
  44. www.DuneWeb.co.nz
  45. www.FishBone.co.nz
  46. www.Wild-Designz.co.nz
  47. www.WebDesign-nz.com
  48. www.Dzina.co.nz
  49. www.FriendlyWeb.co.nz
  50. www.pcAlert.co.nz
  51. www.Smoother.co.nz
  52. www.NewMedia.co.nz
  53. www.PulseCreative.co.nz
  54. www.Forge.org.nz
  55. www.Emagine.co.nz
  56. www.nzdh.co.nz
  57. www.PixelPilots.com
  58. www.eimage.co.nz
  59. www.TopshelfDesign.com
  60. www.AardvarkWeb.co.nz
  61. www.Devcich.co.nz
  62. www.BlueFlame.co.nz
  63. www.ComputerEnterprises.co.nz
  64. www.AcrePC.co.nz
  65. www.IgniteGraphicDesign.co.nz
  66. SavantCreative.pro
  67. www.ComputerHelpGirl.co.nz
  68. www.DubDot.co.nz
  69. www.Communique.co.nz
  70. www.NotionLab.co.nz
  71. www.Jero.co.nz
  72. www.PrintAndWeb.co.nz
  73. www.DevFX.co.nz
  74. www.MatthewHattie.com
  75. www.WebEngage.co.nz
  76. www.Inspyre.co.nz
  77. www.ClarityWeb.co.nz
  78. www.ReidDesign.co.nz
  79. www.FreeDIYWebsites.co.nz
  80. www.DotPerformance.com
  81. www.TheGalaxy.com
  82. www.EquinoxDev.co.nz
  83. www.GoLoud.co.nz
  84. www.CreativeQ.co.nz
  85. www.WildFlare.co.nz
  86. Alcantelado.com.br
  87. www.RocketBug.com
  88. www.AppThat.co.nz

Is there a Tauranga Website Designer missing from the list?

If there is a Tauranga website designer missing from the list, please add it to the comments below.

86 Replies to “Tauranga Website Design: List of ALL The Tauranga Website Designers”

  1. I concur with you Mark, definitely a *mixed* bag here (and I went through all 39!).

    These seem to be mainly small or medium companies, I wonder how many freelance designers are operating here in the Bay also.

  2. I just offered Shirley at “AJo’s Pizza and Pasta” a website of their own. She said “no”.

    On behalf of our industry, I am offended.

    How dare she! It’s not for her, it’s for her customers! It’s like a slap in the face (because I’m a customer and I wanted to know about the range of Pasta’s on the menu, but when she rattled through the list of ingredients over the phone a few minutes ago, I couldn’t make sense of them. I need to “see” them.)

      1. Not sure that grouping all the Sheldons together is a great plan – what if they were to achieve “critical mass”? The ensuing thermonuclear explosion would make rather a mess of the Big Bang Theory 😉

  3. Hi There Sheldon,
    Just for completions’ sake, please add us, although not our core business but we do do some! However, I am really commenting because I like the idea of a meetup….I am happy to organise it, maybe I should get in touch with your list! Lynda.

  4. Im in for the meet up! Great list Sheldon and agree some ‘agencies’ do need to keep up with the latest technologies. It’s 2010 and we’re moving on to HTML 5 and CSS 3!

  5. Hey Murray,
    Did we talk? I don’t remember getting an email from you?
    PS Your site is kicking up a load of php errors and nothing else 🙁

    1. Agreed, I didn’t get a message either, and I put myself at the top of the list 🙂

      Give Steve a call Murray, he’s in Tauranga too and he’ll make sure you get a site that generates business for you.

  6. We’re going to hit 100 soon at this rate 🙂

    Hi all, I’m the “new kid in town”, only been in Tauranga for a few weeks. I launched http://www.freediywebsites.co.nz recently, to cater, as the name suggests, for the “DIY enthusiasts”, although naturally I offer web development support as well. I am bilingual in Spanish and English and also do a bit of photography on the side.

    It’d be grand if you could add me to the list… Cheers! 🙂

  7. gulp. i’m slightly obsessed with moving to Tauranga after visiting a couple of times, and thought – why not do some web design over there? looks like there’s some stiff competition! some very good work being done in that beautiful part of the world. Room for another?

  8. cheers Sheldon, if i ever manage to get over there, i’ll check them out – look good – the home alone working thing doesn’t really work for me.

  9. Hi Sheldon – Just a heads up Savant Graphic Design & Advertising Limited (savantgraphicdesign.co.nz) have changed name – Now called Savant Creative Limited … savantcreative.pro

  10. Web Design Easy is a branding agency located in Tauranga, NZ. We can
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    Web Design Easy focus on fast, clean,
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    Tauranga, New Zealand.

  11. Hi Sheldon,

    I wonder if there was a desire amongst this group to have a Facebook group so we could share information and referrals. Reasonably often I run into clients who don’t suit the work I do and it would be good to have a way to get to know the other devs/designers in town and see if I can refer the business on to others. I am happy to set it up and/or moderate it. If you alright with it I could set it up and post a link here….thoughts?

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