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  1. Hi there. Once you have set up your oz account, have you tried doing an online payment to it from your NZ bank account using internet banking?

    1. Yes Mike, and it has been a disaster so far. The money hasn’t turned up and I can’t even find the withdrawal from my NZ account! Very strange. The bank is trying to figure out what happened.

      1. Just for reference, I tried this after moving to Australia (I still juggle money around) and it seemed to work fine. It took something like 2 – 4 days, but once it was transferred, it was all working fine. The Commeneanweath Bank website had specific details on how to get the transaction done (the international banking codes needed etc).
        Could be just a one off with your problems, but good luck getting it sorted!

        1. Hi,

          Have you set up as a ‘branch’ in Australia?

          If so, what was the process there?



  2. My Great Grandson has a Commonwealth Bank Account in Brisbane… we have a ASBank in TeAwamutu,would like to make the occasional deposit when we visit T/A. We have the Account Number… can we make Deposits Please?
    Teresa Rogers

    1. Hi Chelsea:

      1) When you are earning $AU for business transactions you don’t need to pay tax to the AU govt (because of the free trade agreement)

      2) When you withdraw those funds into an NZ bank account you don’t need to pay GST to the NZ govt because you weren’t able to add GST on to your AU invoices anyway

      3) But once those funds are in your NZ bank account you will need to pay company tax or income tax

      More info on the ird.govt.nz website.

  3. Do you still have this account no problems? I wonder if they’ll start asking questions when you don’t arrive in AU when you said you would

      1. When I tried it forced me to enter a date within 3 months, or email them.

        It seems both ASB and ANZ in New Zealand can help with bank accounts without having to pretend you’re going to live in australia

  4. Hey Sheldon.

    Just wondering how you dealt with the exchange rate and tax payments. If you get paid in AUD, what exchange rate do you use to calculate how much NZD you need to pay tax on? is it based on the rate at the time you get paid or is it based on the rate at the time you convert it back to AUD?


  5. Hi Sheldon,

    Have you or anyone else reading this managed to open an Australian Business Bank account from New Zealand? It sounds like you need a business registered in Australia to do this. The lady I spoke to told me you needed an ABN or a ACN.

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