The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki

My notes on “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki

Complete This Sentence

  • If your organisation never existed, the world would be worse off because…

Take Notes To Impress

When you are doing a pitch to an investor and they speak, take notes. The visible act of taking notes says:

  • I think you’re smart
  • You’re saying something worth writing down
  • I’m willing and anxious to learn
  • I’m conscientious

Plan for 10 Slide Pitch To Investors:

  1. Title slide
    • Organisation name, your name, your title, contact info
  2. Problem
    • Describe the pain that you’re alleviating
  3. Solution
    • Explain how you alleviate this pain, what you sell and your value proposition
  4. Business model
    • How you make money, who pays you, distribution channels, gross margins
  5. Underlying magic
    • Describe the technology, secret sauce, or magic behind the product or service
  6. Marketing and sales
    • Explain how you are going to reach your customer and your marketing leverage points
  7. Competition
    • Provide a complete view of the competitive landscape
  8. Management team
    • Describe management team, board members, advisors and major investors
  9. Financial projections and key metrics
    • Provide 5 year forecast with dollars, numbers of customers and conversion rate
  10. Current status, accomplishments to date, timeline, and use of funds
    • Explain the current status of your product/service, the near future and how you’ll use the money you’re trying to raise

Plan for 10 Slide Pitch to Prospects

  1. Title
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Sales Model
    • Ensure they understand what you sell and your value proposition
  5. Current Customers
    • Name drop customers
  6. Technology
  7. Demo
  8. Competitive Analysis
    • Find out what competitor the prospect uses in advance. Even better, the problems they are having. But remember, they want to hear why you are good, now why the competitors are bad
  9. Management team
  10. Next Steps
    • End with a call to action such as a trial period

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