In What Type Of Business Is The CEO Also The Receptionist?

You’ve probably noticed that there are often 2 types of receptionists in 9-5pm business offices:

The first type I’ll call Wendy Winter and the second I’ll call Susan Summer.

Wendy Winter

  • Wendy doesn’t really want to be there
  • She’ll be on Facebook most of the time if it hasn’t been blocked, and txt msg friends constantly (sometimes while a customer is in front of her)
  • She will put in minimum effort to earn her minimum wage

Susan Summer

  • Susan loves her job
  • She feels important, she feels valued, she knows she’s contributing to the success of the company
  • She conducts her business with the elegance and finesse of a orchestra conductor

If your receptionist is most often the first point of contact with new or existing clients/customers, then surely you want the very best person for the job?

Actually, the survival of your business depends on your receptionist, and a great one could be the secret sauce that could help your business thrive.

If it’s such an essential function, why is it so often delegated to someone on minimum wage who doesn’t really want to be there?

Maybe the CEO should be the receptionist instead.

Imagine the CEO’s of all the 9-5pm businesses near you cancelling all their meetings for the year and settling into the reception area and putting on a headset ready for walk-ins and phone calls.

Would you get better service the next time you walked in there or called?

Could this be the difference between surviving and thriving?

There is one industry that has got it right: The Food Service industry. I’m talking about Cafe’s, Restaurant’s & Bars.

Have you noticed that in the best Cafe’s, Restaurant’s & Bars near you, the front-of-house person is most often the owner?

So these guys have figured out at the CEO must be the receptionist.

Your thoughts in the comments below please.

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