Your New Website Says “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon”? 3 Reasons That’s A Disaster

I love purchasing a new website address, don’t you?

(A website address is also known as a “domain name”, or a “url”)

I’ve purchased about 60 website addresses over the last few years. For clients, friends, and for myself.

I get the same rush of adrenaline every time I do it.

It’s so exciting because it’s much an amazing opportunity.

The opportunity is that you can write a message and expose that message to the whole world!


Your vision for your amazing website content starts to form in your head even before your purchased the website address.

And when you’ve made the purchase things start to get real.

You realise that it’s quite a big job to translate your vision into a website with images, text and code.

Here’s where you slow down a bit and think to yourself “Well, we better get something up there!”

How about a “coming soon” sign to start with?

Sound good?


3 Reasons Not To Put “Coming Soon” Anywhere On Your Website

1. Because Visitors Assume You’re Lying

  • When you say “coming soon”, visitors to your website think “liar!”
  • It’s not your fault. They have been burnt many times by that promise so that’s why they don’t believe you this time
  • In fact, that’s why spelling mistakes, small errors, and stale blog content can be so damaging to your brand – all these things remove credibility and trust
  • What chance have you got of making a sale later if you start by destroying your credibility and your audiences trust right at the start of the relationship?

2. Because You’ve Missed An Opportunity To Say Something Useful

  • Imagine if you spent one hour and wrote a short list of bullet points to explain what you do and how you can help your audience
  • Imagine if you included your phone numbers and email address
  • Imagine if the design of your website was quite rough, and certainly not even close to your vision for it in the near future
  • Do you think that visitors would appreciate this instead of a site with zero content and just a cheesy “coming soon” or “under construction” sign?
  • Yes. Yes they would. So make that. Do it yourself, or spend a couple of hundred bucks getting a half decent one-page website as your starting point

3. Because Google Won’t Send You Free Visitors

  • Did you know that Google isn’t a search engine? It’s actually a connector.
  • Google connects people who are searching for answers to questions, with website that have those answers
  • All you need to get free visitors from Google is a one page website that answers a few simple questions, and has a few links pointing to this website from other websites
  • A page with “coming soon” isn’t going to do it. But a website with the elements I described above will.

Need Help?

Talk to a friend of mine, Steve Turner, he builds websites. Call him on (07) 575 8799.

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