Time To Threaten Debt Collection or Court Action?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been demanding payment via email/phone/txt for months now and you’re sick of asking?
  • Is the money not important to you anymore, you just want to teach this scumbag a lesson?
  • On the odd occasion they do respond to your messages they say “the money is on the way” but it never arrives?
  • You have been thinking about threatening debt collection and maybe even court action?

squeaky-wheelYou’ve heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”?

In this case, it means that being persistent and annoying gets attention and action.

But have you heard the saying “the angry wheel gets replaced”?

You must keep all your contact with the person who owes you money either neutral or friendly. You can whinge and moan about them all you like to your friends (if they can stand it), but don’t let any anger show through in your messages to your client.

Humans are very receptive to other peoples emotions.

  • The best way to cheer up a glum friend is to have fun with them and be happy around them
  • The best way to make a sitcom audience think the show is funny is to play canned laughter after every joke
  • The best way to ensure you never get paid is to let the person who owes you money just how angry you are.

It makes them angry, indignant, prideful and attacks their self-esteem.

It hurts.

And the way to hurt you back is to continue to withhold your money from you.

So keep your cool, and just ask for your money in a civil, friendly tone.

Being annoying and persistent is absolutely fine. Be that squeaky wheel. They will be motivated to get rid of an annoyance by paying you what you’re owed.

Being angry, will only hurt their feelings and make them angry. They’ll hurt you back by not paying.

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