Who Owns The Tauranga Domain Names?

I love lists.

(And Google loves lists – there’s a free SEO tip for you!)

So here is my list of Tauranga domain names, who owns them, and which ones are still for sale:

New Zealand (.nz) Domain Names

  1. www.Tauranga.govt.nz – Official website of Tauranga City Council
  2. www.Tauranga.org.nz – Official website of Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
  3. www.Tauranga.school.nz – Official website of Tauranga Primary School
  4. www.Tauranga.co.nz – Privately owned directory of Tauranga businesses
  5. www.Tauranga.net.nz – Owned by EOL, redirects to EOL website
  6. www.Tauranga.geek.nz – Available
  7. www.Tauranga.gen.nz – Available
  8. www.Tauranga.maori.nz – Available
  9. www.Tauranga.iwi.nz – Available

International Domain Names

  1. www.Tauranga.net – Owned by local man Glen Cooney who likes fishing
  2. www.Tauranga.org – Official website of a local Korean church (thanks to Justin for clearing that up)
  3. www.Tauranga.com – No website, just ads
  4. www.Tauranga.tv – No website, just ads
  5. www.Tauranga.biz – Available
  6. www.Tauranga.info – Available
  7. www.Tauranga.cc – Available
  8. www.Tauranga.mobi – Available
  9. www.Tauranga.ws – Available

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