Who Owns The Tauranga Domain Names?

I love lists.

(And Google loves lists – there’s a free SEO tip for you!)

So here is my list of Tauranga domain names, who owns them, and which ones are still for sale:

New Zealand (.nz) Domain Names

  1. www.Tauranga.govt.nz – Official website of Tauranga City Council
  2. www.Tauranga.org.nz – Official website of Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
  3. www.Tauranga.school.nz – Official website of Tauranga Primary School
  4. www.Tauranga.co.nz – Privately owned directory of Tauranga businesses
  5. www.Tauranga.net.nz – Owned by EOL, redirects to EOL website
  6. www.Tauranga.geek.nz – Available
  7. www.Tauranga.gen.nz – Available
  8. www.Tauranga.maori.nz – Available
  9. www.Tauranga.iwi.nz – Available

International Domain Names

  1. www.Tauranga.net – Owned by local man Glen Cooney who likes fishing
  2. www.Tauranga.org – Official website of a local Korean church (thanks to Justin for clearing that up)
  3. www.Tauranga.com – No website, just ads
  4. www.Tauranga.tv – No website, just ads
  5. www.Tauranga.biz – Available
  6. www.Tauranga.info – Available
  7. www.Tauranga.cc – Available
  8. www.Tauranga.mobi – Available
  9. www.Tauranga.ws – Available

Could bayofplentynz.com do better than a billboard that says “Nothing to do in Tauranga?”?

I came across these billboards on Maunganui road todayImg021-1.

Could bayofplentynz.com do better than “Nothing to do in Tauranga?”?

Yes, I think so.

That’s a terrible headline.

It’s negative.

How about “What to do in Tauranga?” for example?

And what are the billboards doing in Tauranga anyway?

I assume the target audience is tourists already in Tauranga?  Why would they be here if they didn’t already know what they wanted to do here?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the billboards up in Hamilton or Auckland? (After they change the headline of course).

What do you think?  What’s your idea for an even better headline?