Real- Meerman ScottTime Marketing and PR by David

My notes on “Real-Time Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott.

“How to instantly engage your market, connect with customers and create products that grow your business now.”8157405

What’s Expected In The Corporate World:

  • Wait, to make certain
  • Work from checklists dictated by one-year and even five-year business plans
  • Measure results quarterly
  • Execute based on a long-term “new product launch” mentality
  • Organise around multi-month marketing and communications campaigns
  • Ger permission from your superior
  • Run decision by your staff
  • Bring in the experts, the agencies, and the lawyers
  • Conduct extensive research
  • Carefully evaluate all the alternatives
  • Aim for perfection before public release
  • Respond to customers on your time frame
  • Engage with media, analysts, and commentators only when convenient and comfortable for you

How Real-Time Business Is Different

  • Act before the window of opportunity vanishes
  • Revise plans as the market changes
  • Measure results today
  • Execute based on what’s happening now
  • Implement strategies and tactics based on breaking news
  • Empower your people to act
  • Move when the time is right
  • Encourage people to make wise decisions quality, alone if necessary
  • Make swift inquiries, but be prepared to act
  • Quickly evaluate the alternatives and choose a course of action
  • Get it done and push it out, because it will never by perfect
  • Respond to customers on their time frames
  • Engage with media at the moment they need your input

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