The Unwritten Laws of Business by J. King and James G. Skakoon

My notes on “The Unwritten Laws of Business” by J. King & James G. Skakoon. 2007511pX2EDVHL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_

Good advice for employees who want to get the most out of their current role.

    • However menial and trivial your early assignments may appear, give them your best efforts
    • Demonstrate the ability to get things done
      • Show Initiative. Start & get things moving briskly
      • Resourcefulness
      • Ingenuity
      • Persistence
      • Tenacity

  • In carrying out projects, do not wait passively for anyone to make good on their delivery promises; go after them & keep relentlessly after them
  • Confirm your instructions & the other person’s commitments in writing
  • Whatever your supervisor wants done takes top priority
  • Whenever you are asked by your manager to do something, you are expected to do exactly that
    • Either do it as requested, or
    • Come back and talk it over
    • But you’re not a robot. There is often room for initiative and deviation

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