How To Make Millions With Your Ideas by Dan S. Kennedy

My notes on “How To Make Millions With Your Ideas” by Dan S. Kennedy5188mtDB8rL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_
  • To win with premium prices, clobber competitors with service
  • Call every customer after the job is completed to verify satisfaction
  • Offer strong guarantees
  • Get crazy publicity & word of mouth with free product to local companies (works if you own a cafe anyway)
  • Stake out a market leader position from the start – define a new niche
  • Break even on the first sale / product to get a mailing list together. Sell to that group long term
  • Repackage the same core product / service in heaps of different ways, different formats, different prices, to different target markets

Creativity Checklist for Inventing or Reinventing Products, Businesses, and Marketing Messages:

  • Opposites
    • Very small / very big
    • Eg Whitecastle burgers are so small they come in 6 or dozen
    • Eg cola / uncola
  • Magnify / Minimise – huge / tiny
    • Eg TV
  • Adaption
    • Apply what works to different business
    • Eg drive thru / vending machine
  • Exaggeration
    • Eg Facecream: “your friends will acuse you of plastic surgery”
    • Eg 2 “this basketball star is comfortable in this mini”
  • Addition / Subtraction
    • Eg lite, fat-free, filled donuts
  • Combining
    • Eg Supermarket + petrol station
  • Rearranging
  • General Purpose / Special Purpose
    • Eg 80% of cleaners are 99% the same with a different name & label
  • Time Frames
    • Eg 30 seconds mould remover
    • Eg “your pizza delivered in 30 mins or less” Dominos
    • Eg “Give us a week and we’ll take off the weight” Slim Fast
  • Packaging that sells
  • Specific solutions
    • Eg Mascara that is waterproof, wear-proof, tear-proof
  • Coined Terminology
    • Eg “schweppervescence”
  • Symbols / Characters
    • Eg “Ronald McDonald”
  • Technology

PR Techniques

  • Be Predictive
  • Be Provocative
  • Be Public
  • Be a Personality
  • Be Persistent

4 Replies to “How To Make Millions With Your Ideas by Dan S. Kennedy”

    1. I think it’s as simple as taking action on an idea you have. I purchased 3 domains today, set up hosting, planned the content, and I’ll start building websites on them tomorrow. This only happened because I scheduled the whole day off (and tomorrow) to dream and plan and scheme and create.

        1. One site is way too risky for me. How would you know if you’ve got a dud or a winner? Better to launch 3 (or 5 or 10), work on them for 10 hours each and wait and see which ones have got potential. Invest more time into the ones that look promising, and dump the others.

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