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8 Ways To Increase Your Volume Of New Business Enquiries

by Sheldon Nesdale on 4 April 2017

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1. Take a fresh look at what you say

  • Review (and improve) what you say about your business and your services
  • On The Phone:
    • Who answers the phone?
    • What do they say?
    • How are calls transferred?
    • How are messages recorded?
    • What’s the hold music?
    • How could the menu options be improved?
  • In Person:
    • How do you record interactions with prospects and clients?
    • What do you and your team wear?
    • How do you follow up?
    • What action do you ask them to take next?
    • How does your team answer the question “what do you do?”
  • On Your Website
  • In Advertising
    • What is the secret sauce of your business?
    • Why does it exist?
    • Why is it important?
    • Do you lead with your logo, or a headline that states the benefits of your service?

2. Make it easier for prospects to reach out to you

  • Is it easy to find your phone number?
    • Ensure your phone number on every webpage right along the top (and in the footer too), not just buried on your Contact page
  • Different prospects have different preferences about how to contact you
    • Some might fire of an email using your contact form if they find you at night because they don’t want to disturb you at home
    • Some might like to send an email from their own email provider so they have a record of what they said
    • Some might like to call a manager/director on their cellphone instead of the office number
  • So list every way to contact you
    • On your contact page, list every single way you can be contacted (include all social media like LinkedIn and Facebook).
    • Write the list in priority order of fastest response to slowest
  • What’s in your email signature?
    • In your email signature include all your contact details so if/when prospects and clients forward your emails it’s easy for new prospects to contact you
    • Many people don’t include their email address in their email signature but that’s a mistake because it forces people to copy/paste that part seperately. Save them the hassle
    • Include links to your best webpages, a link to your 30 second explainer video, a link to your newsletter subscription page

3. Reduce risk and improve trust

  • Answer common questions head-on
    • Prospects have lots of questions on their minds that need to be answered before they are ready to make a purchase
    • If they can’t find the answers to these questions, they might not be ready to pick up the phone and call you because they are worried about being “sold to” before they are ready
    • That’s why, including an FAQ’s page on your website is a good idea. Answer common questions that prospects might be wondering on there. Don’t be afraid to tackle the big ones like “How much do you charge?”, “What happens if I’m not satisfied with your service?”, “Why should I choose you?”
  • Improve trust with a reputation page
    • Add 50 testimonials to your website/marketing material to erase any doubt that you are the best choice
  • Get articles written about your business in the media
    • Ask your network for the names of former NZ journalist that are working freelance. Pitch a story to them, or get them to interview you to generate a story
    • In their service they approach editors of newspapers and tailor your news to their audience

4. Write from your customers perspective

  • Ensure your advertisements (print/radio/web/outdoor etc) are written from the customers perspective and what’s in it for them, rather than your perspective and what you are trying to sell

5. It’s time for a photoshoot

  • Remove bland, anonymous, corporate, american stock photography from your website/marketing material
  • Hire a local photographer to take real photos of your team, your business and your services

6. Prove you’re the experts

7. Set a pattern for your social media activity

  • Review your social media activity and ask the team member in charge of it to create a template to follow
  • For example, Monday’s could be the day you share a customer success story, Tuesday’s you could ask a question, Wednesday’s you could share an article you found in your industry, Thursday’s you could tell a bit of history about the company or a team member

8. Try Cost-Per-Click advertising

  • Have you trialed Cost-Per-Click advertising?
  • Stick with Google Adwords and Facebook and run some experiments
  • One benefit is that it forces you to create a landing page, and a call-to-action
  • Instead of hiring someone, nominate someone internally to learn how it works for themselves
    • They might like to learn a new skill, and the training videos and courses for Google Adwords and Facebook are excellent

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about this list? Got ideas to improve it? Have your say in the comments section below.

Need help working through this list? Here’s how I can help. Give me, Sheldon Nesdale, a call on 021 128 5046 and we’ll get started.

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