My mission is life is to:

  1. Inspire you to dream big
    • Big dreams for your life, for your work, for your impact in your community/city/country
  2. Put you on a steep growth curve
    • I’ll show you how to learn at an accelerated pace (it doesn’t matter how old/young you are, if you’re not learning you are dying)

Recently I’ve noticed that even though technology has provided limitless connection (via 24/7 email, cheap/free phonecalls, cheap/free text messages, social platforms such as Facebook/Twitter etc), we are lonelier than ever.

We are lonely because communicating via these mediums doesn’t satisfy the deepest human need of connection.

And connection only really happens when you are face to face with another person, asking them questions and having them ask you questions back.

That’s why I pour in hundreds of hours every year to get people connected to each other face to face.

There are 4 ways I do this:

  1. Co-Working at the 64Bit Co-working Space
  2. Hosting the Monthly Dry Dock Breakfast Club
  3. Volunteering for the Annual Event: TEDxTauranga
  4. Running the first 2 annual Tauranga StartUp Weekend‘s

Is it time for you to get truly connected?

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