Sheldon and I have intersected a number of times in business situations. I have found him enthusiastic, perceptive and skilled in business and public affairs. Anyone wanting to employ or consult with such a person would do well to consider Sheldon.

Sheldon has a lot of valuable tips to share with those of us who want to remind our clients of the value we create for them [during his lawyer marketing seminar]. His suggestions for improving our website were particularly useful, and delivered in a clear and easily understood way.

Linda Miles (Lawyer, Te Awamutu)

I found Sheldon’s [email marketing] course to be very informative and also interactive. I liked the way he included everyone in the room and gave people a chance to ask questions during the session. Thank you also for the detailed notes provided after the session, it meant I could fully concentrate on what was happening at the time and not worrying about trying to write it all down.

Jacqui Dickinson

Thank you for taking the time to really listen to me and come up with a very viable solution to my problem so quickly. It was you that gave me the original idea that has become the “Confidence Bootcamps” I offer to high schools. With extremely positive feedback from the first bootcamp and a second one already confirmed, I think your idea is a winner! Yay!

Kanuka Simpson

I approached Sheldon with a list of what turned out to be easily fixed basic questions regarding the function and performance of my web site. In one stress free session I came away feeling empowered and totally in control of the issues that had been giving me sleepless nights. Working with Sheldon is complete breath of fresh air, I received clear concise information and recommendations on how to implement changes and move forward.
I will happily and highly recommend Sheldon in the future.

Lisa Redshaw (Interior Design, Tauranga)

Hey thank you for the amazing advice you gave me. For a long time I was wondering how to create buzz for my site in the market and considered loads of different ideas but when I finally talked to you, you gave me unbeatable advice. Thank you so much for your efforts. You were very different than loads of other marketers that I have spoken to in the past. They always had a tone in their voice for me, the small business owner, that they only deal with the big boys. Anyway, thanks a million, you’re a brilliant man. Any businesses that have you on their side are winners. Cheers mate.

Alex Harry (Dating Website)

After attending a few marketing presentations put on by both radio and print businesses, all showing me why their product was the best to use I came to the conclusion that I would seek independent advice from a marketing person.

From that decision I found Sheldon at Marketing First, right from my first contact with Sheldon I was impressed with his great attitude, focus and the ability to boil ideas down into simple steps to follow. I also liked his style of wanting to gain the biggest bang for your buck with your marketing.

IF you are wanting someone with young bright ideas and plenty of energy to co create growth in your business contact Sheldon.

Chris Turner (Life Coach, Tauranga)

Thank you so much for your help during the 5 meetings that we have had, spread over several months.

The quality of advice and the 7 ideas to gain new business for my company have been invaluable.

Anyone reading this should have no hesitation in contacting you to discuss your professional business services.

Peter Coulson (E-learning Software)

I must commend Sheldon on his forthrightness in assessing a new venture that I had undertaken. He quickly and cleanly dissected the core business. Made a very clear SWOT analysis, and provided valuable feedback.

In the end my venture needs some work. Sheldon’s honest and very direct approach has saved me significant time and energy, and provided great insight.

Thank you Sheldon.

Bjorn Macintosh (IT, Tauranga)

Sheldon is great at asking the hard questions that help to clarify what problem you are asking his help for. He helped me to think about what I need to do, rather than want to do. I have used his suggestions several times and they were very helpful.

Phil Waylen (Presentation Graphics)

Sheldon Nesdale acted as Business Mentor to us. Sheldon helped us see the way to progress in the future so as to ensure the best growth strategy for our business. While it was hard to let go of some parts of our business we knew it had to be done and the outcome has been rewarding. We recommend Sheldon as someone who can quickly comprehend the way to go for the future so as to ensure better profits for your company.

Gaynor O’Neil

Meeting with Sheldon really encouraged me to take the next step with my business. It’s so easy to sit behind a computer screen and focus on website design, social media presence and dream about where you’d like your business to be in ten years time, but in order to actually make it happen, you need to get out there and meet people. Sheldon saw instantly that this was an anxious area for me and got to work on motivating me to do it in a way I felt comfortable. It was an incredibly valuable hour.

Talia Waldegrave

After an extensive search of businesses to purchase we settled on purchasing an underperforming business that we felt had the potential to grow into something significantly larger. We needed guidance on how this was best achieved and we made the approach to Sheldon and Dan to help us in this regard.

My initial concerns were in regards to just what the “dollar return for dollar spent” was going to be for this type of business expense.

It quickly became apparent that the biggest gain was in the area of internet based marketing and the automation and simplification of the quote/order system of our business. Both Sheldon and Dan have specific expertise in the various areas we needed to work on and have worked together and complemented each other right throughout the process.

From the very start there have been written objectives and consistent monitoring of these objective to ensure they were being met in a timely fashion.

Although the process is still a “work in progress” project, we now have a far more automated “customer funnel” and sales are significantly ahead of this time last year with very little in the way of extra effort on our part. We intend picking up and running with further development of the system in the spring (ours is a very seasonal business) and look forward to making further advancements along the lines of what has been achieved so far.

Both Sheldon and Dan are excellent communicators who have a passion for what they do and take a keen interest in the development of the business.

If you are in need of marketing advice and business development coaching in the BOP region, these are the “go to” guys.

Phillip Berry (Custom Branded Water Bottles)

Sheldon helped clarify and set up our school Facebook page to enable us to communicate clearly with our school community, acknowledging those business and people who support us, as well as sharing the great things that happen in and around our school. Thanks to Sheldon our school community is more informed and are up to date with all our key events. Thanks Sheldon.

Matt Simeon (Pillans Point School)

Sheldon saved us a lot of time and money when we approached him to find out about setting up a company intranet. We wanted a way in which all our staff could be aware of upcoming meetings, events and day to day business queries without having to email each one separately or provide memos and printouts of everything. It was important that each staff member was up to date with all communications and would not have the usual excuse of “no one told me”. We are a small business not a corporate, but knew that the way corporates communicate with all their staff was via an intranet but this system is complicated and too big and costly for us. After understanding what we were looking to do Sheldon solved our situation simply and cheaply by setting us up a private group on Facebook and showing us how to upload files etc. All the staff love it as they are all so used to using Facebook.

We are very grateful to Sheldon for his assistance.

Jenny Fenwick (Blow Hair Co, Tauranga)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help and support over the past few months. Your professional, direct, “no-nonsense”, open and honest, “to-the-point” approach has been extremely helpful and you’ve been able to provide us with results in the shortest possible timeframe and the most cost effective way.

Stephan Hauke (Sadler & Associates)

A few years ago Sheldon promoted our retail and online t-shirt outlet through and our daily traffic immediately jumped 90% and this jump remained consistent with steady growth and steady online sales until I sold the shop in 2010. Since then I have had the pleasure of talking with Sheldon and his marketing advise and ideas are always creative and sound, Sheldon clearly knows his stuff. I highly recommend Sheldon to anyone that requires business development and marketing support, your return on investment will be money well spent.

Daniel Golder (Online Marketplace)

Sheldon has really opened my eyes to the best approach to market our Lifestyle Block Maintenance business. Sheldon’s approach to marketing really gets you thinking and has helped to provide us the next step in getting our business up and running.

Brendon Hogan (Lifestyle Block Maintenance, Tauranga)

Sheldon was professional and very helpful when we were starting our new business – it was great to bounce ideas off him and learn from his experience.

Cathy Booth (Eyesaw Jigsaws & Puzzles)

It is not very often that I recommend a company or service, and when I do, it is ONLY because I have been BLOWN AWAY by the service I have received. The last time I recommended anything, it was a painkiller called NUROFEN (but wait there’s more….) I recommended it because of all the headache tablets out there NUROFEN was the only one to deliver the result that I was seeking.

After one phone call that lasted approximately 30 minutes, I have been BLOWN AWAY again! This time by the level of commitment, personality and knowledge that Sheldon had to offer me, even though we had never spoken in the past. I made contact through his website yesterday, and less than 24 hours later, without being charged, I have renewed faith in the human component of modern business in New Zealand.

My business is a start up with some really unique attributes, and after 30 minutes on the phone with Sheldon, I knew I was on the right track. These 30 minutes counteracted many hours that I have spent in recent weeks pondering my decisions and establishing the correct path to success. I wish I had seen Sheldon’s site a few weeks ago.

If you are in a start up phase, or considering your business options and you need someone to assist with that process, I would absolutely recommend that you contact Sheldon. Read what others have said as well, but the bottom line is, Sheldon is the real deal!

Bryce Hitchen (Bryce’s Spices & Slices, Tauranga)

Sheldon is a dynamic individual who is always willing to take some of his time to look into others’ issues.

Providing relevant and tailored information, there was no Marketing issue that Sheldon had not dealt with before.

He was a great help on a few of our projects, and I am confident that any company employing his skills will be more than satisfied.

Guillaume Fernandez (New York: Marketing + Branding)

Sheldon was one of our board members for The Tauranga Single Parents Support Foundation. The marketing skills and commitment that he brought to the organisation helped us to gain community recognition and advance the foundation from its starting point. Sheldon made great suggestions in helping to create brochures, and make the running of our website more efficient. He is very creative and has a great talent in helping businesses and organisations advance through their marketing systems. Thank you Sheldon for everything that you have done for the single parent families here in Tauranga.

Chantelle Campbell

I would just like to say thankyou for all you have done for me in setting up our MailChimp account which enables me to send the weekly email from the Sergeant’s Desk at Papamoa Police Station out to over 2000 people with the push of one button.

I realise the amount of time and energy you have put into this must have been huge with absolutely no financial reward. It’s fantastic when people like you give something
back to the community with such enthusiasm.

Lorraine Stevens (Co-ordinator Neighbourhood Support Papamoa)

Sheldon has been an incredible advisor for our company. He has walked though our web application, talked about the problems he experienced, suggested solutions and makes sure we are accountable by following up on our progress. The attention to detail he provided and added commitment he gave to me were testament to how much Sheldon cares about his clients. We will be working with Sheldon again very soon.

Justin Scott (Free Trade)

I have used Sheldon Nesdale and his vast SEO and marketing experience many times to help with my client questions, and have also referred clients on to him. His service is always 100% professional and more importantly, accurate.

Sheldon Lendrum (Website Development)

Sheldon is a kind, consistent, intelligent professional. We chose Sheldon to join us on a business venture: his attention to detail and stalwart marketing expertise has impressed us beyond expectations. Looking forward to a prosperous 2011 working with him on the next successes. Sheldon is a highly recommended marketing consultant!

Scott Evangelou (Online Marketing)

From one marketing professional to another I must compliment you on your website and the wealth of information that you share. I found myself reading though the pages for at least 20 minutes – a record for me! The information is current, easy to digest and you have taken what is often seen as a complicated process and simplified it.. if I needed a Marketer you would be the guy!

Deborah Van Wyk (Director, Fog Pilots Limited)

I have worked with Sheldon to build and optimise several websites. I have found Sheldon to be very professional. He listens and confirms the brief, and communicates well during the projects. Sheldon is able to produce excellent reports which demonstrate the optimisation progress of your websites.

Stephen Strawbridge (Adventure Education Ltd)

Sheldon is a man driven by results. His research is thorough, and his ideas for business improvement are up to date, practical and extremely cost effective. He has the unique skill set of website design, seo expertise, cpc advertising combined with general marketing expertise.

It is refreshing to work with someone who demands to see a business return on marketing investment, and then strives to improve it.

With his insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning, you can be sure that he will always be on top of his game.

Gretchen Kebbell (QJumpers Recruitment)

While most marketers worry about branding and other fuzzy ideas, Sheldon focuses on one thing… making you more money. His creativity means you stand out from the crowd and have your marketing talked about.

If you’re looking for results and not a bunch of fluff then give Sheldon a call today.

Craig Dewe (Marketing Outlaw)


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